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The ATPIO was established in 2004 to serve as a forum where an international community of transportation professionals that share a common heritage could come together to address relevant and emerging issues and challenges in transportation, exchange information and ideas, engage in technology transfer activities, and mentor young professionals eager to join the field. Over the past several decades, transportation professionals of Indian origin have greatly increased in numbers and are engaging in cutting-edge research and practice in both developed and developing countries around the world. Transportation professionals of Indian origin are employed in leading academic institutions, research centers, government transport agencies, and private industry and consulting firms. Many more young professionals of Indian origin are entering the profession every day.

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The ATPIO recognizes that there are many complex issues and challenges facing the profession. Growing travel demand and congestion, rising accident rates, energy and environmental sustainability, rapid urbanization, global warming, and globalization of economies are issues that must be addressed to ensure safe and efficient access to goods and services. The activities undertaken by the ATPIO will directly serve to address these global challenges and enhance people's quality of life. The ATPIO organizes workshops, seminars, and conferences where professionals can share information and identify transport solutions that work in a variety of geographical, cultural, and societal contexts. The ATPIO is committed to professional capacity-building and undertakes a range of mentorship activities to help junior and senior professionals alike further develop the skills and knowledge to be successful.


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 ATPIO Webinar Success

March 26, 2014, ATPIO Webinar on -"PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS, Delivering Performance and Harnessing the Innovation of American Industry to Build Better Transportation Infrastructure ", was a great success, with about 100 in attendance. At the University of Tennessee a whole class room of 25 students attended the webinar as a group. There was a good representation of practicing transportation professionals in the attendees as well, as evidenced by request for PDH certificates by 20 individuals. The interest of attendees was quite obvious from the number of questions that were asked and answered by the presenter Mr. Sydney Scott, P.E. Senior Vice President at Hill International.

2014 ATPIO Board of Directors and Officers

Salil Gokhale - Treasurer
Dr. Vijaya Gopu - Vice President

Padmini Gudipudi

Dr. Sabyasachee Mishra - Secretary

Dr. Bondada Murthy

Dr. Shashi Nambisan 
Siva Narla

Dr. Anuj Sharma

Dr. Sushant Sharma

Arun Shirole' - President

Puneet Singh

ATPIO Webinar Recording -"PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS, Delivering Performance and Harnessing the Innovation of American Industry to Build Better Transportation Infrastructure "

Click HERE to view and listen the webinar recording. Download Slides.

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